what have you done to your BRM this weekend?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clansman, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    I'll look forward to an update in this. Did't think there was any room in the chamber for bigger valves.

    Interesting :yes:
  2. rich f

    rich f Active Member

    I’ll get a few pics today as the head hasn’t been put back on yet but might need technical assistance uploading them, as phone always says file too large
  3. Roverlike

    Roverlike Garvin in Disguise Moderator Member

    You need to know what is the size of the picture. If too large, over 2MB, then you need to downsize them. Anyhow to make it simple, if needed send them to my mail, roverlike@net.hr and I will do it for you ... :)
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  4. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Upload your pics to facebook and then download them to another file,I do this all the time,just have a profile page full of me only posts,fb will automatically down size for you :)
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  5. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend Member

    Or I use the crop features on my phone, even at almost full physical size the crop shrink my file size a lot. :)
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  6. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Mass car starting/moving and grass cutting this weekend :)
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Similar, but no grass!
  8. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    None under the car either :hysteria:
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  9. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend Member

    Not much to report, but given it's so quiet on here this week...

    I removed my sunroof cartridge in the ever decreasing light this weekend and between downpours (not entirely successful) an attempted to apply some black silicon sealant around the rubber, with mixed results. The temperature and weather wasn't conducive for proper setting of the sealant before refitting, and to say it made a mess is an understatement. However, in part at least, there seems to be some success, based on how the water was beading around the edges the morning after.

    The problem is that I can't tell if it's worked, as the (new) headlining is now wet and needs to dry out, and by virtue of being fitted, I can't check from the inside if water is getting in.

    To try and compensate, I have stashed a couple of Unibond damp collecting pods inside the car to try and soak up and much as they can, which worked reasonably well before.
  10. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    Thread hijack... I've selected a supplier who can - they say, and I believe - reproduce the steel for the sunroofs... but we have a tooling cost to consider, so in order to generate funds I've asked them to make something else which maybe isnt (?) readily available. Sills. We are going to start off with a repair section which could be say 1m long for patch repairs or 1.6m for a full length from front wing return all the way to the back. It will fit to the feature line just below the door tread - does it need to be any higher? Then as a second step we plan to press LH & RH wheelarch ends and a sill closure, which can be added. Supply loose or fit to repair section to make a 'sill'?
    I see a Polish firm have come to market with an ebay offering at circa £50 per side for a simple folded profile, I was thinking we could hit the market at somewhere short of that (delivered), and even a bit better if not via the bay. It will have all the correct joggles and will come in Zintec, basically a zinc coated steel sheet which is weld through. Recognising we are close to Christmas it will be mid/late Jan before I get any stocks....Anyone prepared to act as a guinea pig on this little project?? ie needs an MoT Feb March time and knows the car will need some sills work...?
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  11. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend Member

    I've just had my sills redone in the last 12 months, so I'll not be able to join in on this one :)

    With regards to the sunroof frame, the biggest challenge I've found is separating the glass from the original frame. No success so far from my end, approaching an independent windscreen firm they said it would be a significant challenge for them and didn't want to take it on. :(
  12. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    All mine are good as well, which I really should be happy about :)
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  13. Yves

    Yves Member Member

    Well... There is a Dutch candidate waiting to picked up from my place, which could do with some welding. Stronger: it could also be GP for the wheelarches etc :coffee:

    Just needs a nice guy with a flatbedtruck to collect it :poke:
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  14. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    Yes,,, and I'd give it to Paul and it would come back perfect, but that wont teach me much...Dont want to run before we can crawl, but yes we have discussed rear wheelarch eyebrows, tailgate hinge panel, roof ditch front inner and outer, roof ditch rear inner and outer as well as why I went in - to talk about sunroofs.
    But tooling costs money, so starting simple will - I hope generate funds from all R3 derivatives needing a standard Mot fail part, so its a slow burn on this unless we do have some generous benefactor who will pay for tooling and pressings of panels which then need storage and will perhaps just trickle away with marketing spend and someone to pack and ship. Just these first small batch of parts will cost £600 before I know they are right (I'm totally confident they will be shaped exactly as original, but I dont know what difficulties amateur repairers may encounter that I can ease in design), so I'll need to sell some before I think about ordering tools for pressing the ends. Maybe some traders will take some to expand their portfolio? But clearly they havent seen the commercial need to offer a good job yet! I know we need a half dozen sills for our cars so its a gamble I can justify to myself - I already know Madam doesnt quite see things in the same light! Hey Ho...
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  15. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend Member

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  16. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    Thanks for pointing to it, if I had read it, I'd forgotten. Yes the sill is a comparatively 'simple' section to fold up, and somewhere previously I'm sure I've said any competent bodyshop can make a fair job of doing it, I think Bennys friend well illustrates that doing it one off does cost time though, which is reflected in the price point (which to my mind is not unfair, I have to say, for bespoke work). I'm aiming for a tooled component which is +/-1.0mm consistent, so if we find it needs tweeking to make a better job can be done! Hence my open offer for someone to have a go and tell me what they think. I dont want to give it to my tame guy as I know it will come in perfect with nothing learnt. (if you want to chop your spitfire bonnet into quarters, then have it pieced back together - totally invisibly, inside or out - then he is your man!) And he regularly dodges doing any other cars but small chassis Triumphs...
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