what have you done to your BRM this weekend?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clansman, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover

    Changed both CV joints today. Both lower swing arm ball joint nuts were a B@*%&^d to undo, but managed it. Got dark a bit quick, so will test drive tomorrow. £23 for both joints complete with boots & reluctor rings from www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk inc p&p. Thanks to Mr Fast for pointing me in their direction. Clean up & wash & polish (again) tomorrow provided thumbs don't ache too much (arthritis before anybody asks).
  2. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    I've used J&R a couple of times now for the outer CV joints. Can't complain for the price and they seem decent quality :)
  3. Adam

    Adam Chief Lurker Staff Member Member

    Found lots of rust in places I don't want it....not good :(
  4. Gazzati

    Gazzati Guest

    Walked passed "them" a few times lol
  5. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover

    get them "fixed" :grin:
  6. Gazzati

    Gazzati Guest

    I am starting 171 and have the parts to finish 241 but just getting round to it lol
  7. 600t16

    600t16 Guest

    Errmm nothing again lol.
  8. burrows

    burrows Bobble Lady

    Drove it!!! :super:
  9. JasonM

    JasonM What's in my box

    I've thought about working on mine today, I haven't though...
  10. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Still waiting for the parts to come back from the sprayers for No.1,in the meantime I have cleaned polished or painted all the trim for the front bumper,took a wheel off that for some reason out of the 8 I have done cracked all over the lacquer,that's in Primer at work,got a new bonnet pull cable ready to go on,once I get bits back it will be a mad rush to get it ready
  11. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    Oh I just remembered what I did with my BRM. Used it as a shelf to rest my sponge on while cleaning the ZR. First time I've ever washed it (not my car :p)
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  12. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Bob has a flat battery which is now charged! Bonnie went to a fireworks party and parked or got stuck in a field, which involved lots of handbrake turns, sliding and general messing about in the mud!!! Tomorrow I will wash her off but will post a pic first!
  13. paul

    paul Member

    Once again mine's been sat in the lockup for the last couple of month. I been to busy at work at the moment to do anything.
    But refurbishing the front suspension is something I'd like to do. among other things
  14. shanusascarabus

    shanusascarabus Dr Doom!!!

    I looked at it, that's about all... Poor girl looks very sad
  15. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member


    Yes I had the window open!!!



    Almost forgot as well....fitted new front discs and pads in the week to Bonnie!

    Now off to find the bucket and sponge!
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  16. welshone

    welshone Finally got my act together!

    Didn't know you had a rally BRM in your collection :laugh:

    Looks like you had a bit of fun :)

    Now for the horrible bit washing it in the cold weather :(
  17. Philfrance

    Philfrance Active Member

    Changed both temperature sensors and the multi-relay box courtesy of Gazza. Ongoing saga of both cooling and aircon fans which either run all of the time, some of the time, or not at all! Now the aircon fan runs when it's needed - and the engine fan runs all the time - but I mean ALL the time, even with the engine switched off! Looks like I need to try my spare ECU to see if that solves the problem. I have ECU, black box and keys but, errrr, what do I do now???
  18. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover

    I haven't a clue. But I'm sure Gazza can fix it for you! :construction:
  19. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Dr Doom strikes again.... Come and work with me for a week, let's make some positives out of the negatives.....my glass is half full!! Both my BRMs need work and rust is coming through but I love driving them, I do the jobs as and when needed!!

    Do you need me to post some positive sayings??

    Or Mrs Fun suggests some vitamin tablets to help pick you up :laugh:
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  20. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    Collected our second BRM :bounce: (to tired now, new thread tomorrow)

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