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    Afternoon BRM team.

    Hope a is well. I'll keep this short and sweet.

    I've now got an ED30 Golf mk5. A friend of mine recently got made redundant and has started doing something very different.

    He now runs -

    Basically i'm offering discounted prices to you lot on here.

    Unfortuantly the only pics i have are of the Golf bits...




    See the website for Full set of finishes available, but discount will still apply on all finishes.

    He want's to do it via a discount code type of thing so please get in touch with me via my email - and i can give you the discount code.

    Thanks - always looking after the BRM community :tease:

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    Update With Prices

    Here I shall put up prices for various Common Items, There are a fuel rules and factors to this process.

    The exclusive BRM Prices are subject to no abuse please.
    The Items we can dip are limited by the size of the tank, I will get dimensions but currently the largest item dipped is an 18 inch wheel, so no bumpers

    Price List Summer 2012

    - Mirror Caps - RRP £55 - BRM £45
    - Fuel Flap - RRP £25 - BRM £15
    - Grille and Boot Lid Handle £70 - BRM £50


    - Tinted Lacquer £5
    - Custom base Colour £5

    These are all subject to additional return postage costs which i will obtain ASAP

    When we quote prices for common parts I will add to this list, Things like Interior Parts and Engine covers normally cost more due to the preperation needed to spray the textured surface.

    Now I'm sure a lot of you would love to have wheels done, this is possible but currently we do not have an option to strip tyres and acid dip the wheels or refurb them, so idealy if you can get the wheels to us already refurbed and ready to be sprayed we are happy to pattern them. When this changes I will let you guys know.

    For wheels that are prepped we would be charging about £50 a wheel but please call to discuss.

    Not on the list?

    If your item is not on the list then please do make a post here and we will get back to you with a quote,

    For a quote request please include.

    A Photo of the Part
    The Design you Like
    Any extras like tinted laquer
    I shall be happy to quote for you.


    Designs can be found at

    How to order

    To order you can phone Adam (Quote Dan) on 01626 292092 Or PM Myself and I can sort out how to send the items to Adam.

    You will need to pay a return postage charge of £7
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    Hmm. I quite fancy some wooden wheels :)

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