V831 ROA Any knowledge of its fate?

Discussion in 'Was it you?' started by peasantslife, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    A young colleague has just walked in and exclaimed - ' Hey is that a BRM?'

    Apparently he owned V831 from 2011-13. he sold it as a 20 yo student after running it on an ever shortening shoestring. It failed its Mot and he had no time or money. It was in South Wales then but it came to the midlands he thinks,,,,He was told it was the last car built....he even broke another for parts (shame on him) to keep it going.
    Looking at the MoT history it did get another MoT, but went SORN again in summer '16.

    Does anyone know its fate?

    However he has been inspired after sitting in mine this morning (6 years ago his was in much better condition that mine - how rude to say so!!) that perhaps he should look again and see what he may find. Hopefully he will join in here in the next day or two?
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  2. GT-

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    1108 (total) / 797 (UK) is showing as owned by 2woody on the build listings page, but there's no reference to the registration.

    Whether 'last one' applies to this car or not, I couldn't say.
  3. Yves

    Yves Member Member

    "mine"... which one? :hysteria:
  4. Rover Raver

    Rover Raver Super journalist

    That registration does ring a bell with me. I seem to recall from fuzzy depths that a member on here posted that he had fitted a replacement engine from an MG ZR160. In addition, I believe this is the last example built for the home market (No. 797) although the very last example built for all markets was in fact destined for Belgium.

    Perhaps someone else can recall who wrote the post on here - I think it was about three years ago or more and the car was possibly being advertised for sale?

    Sorry if this is rather vague.
  5. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    I think we should wait for 'my young colleague' to appear, as he mentioned fitting a later engine which would never run right, idling at 3k. he then made up a new engine harness(?).
    The one he broke up was an interesting story...accident damaged, rear end shunt. Won on ebay and vendor decided to tow it on a rope for delivery and payment. Sarge took an interest and found that BRM was inevitably out of MoT, tax and unroadworthy, but so was the car they were using to haul it!! Sarge impounds both and vendor suggests that 'myc' goes direct to police compound and takes car away to save further points being added to his infringements. Cost of the transaction? Fee to release wreck from police storage and mum with a trailer...(cos he's too young to have a trailer licence).
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  6. Blue Thunder

    Blue Thunder New Member

    Is there any update on this, wud love to hear about the last-one.
  7. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    Not yet 'myc', but be patient, there are not that many out there and inevitably it will re appear at some point in time, unless the sorn was 'the end' and owner hasnt yet got round to doing the paperwork. But on the bright side, as it was so much better than mine (grrr hiss), and mine are still going, hopefully it is still resting quietly somewhere dry. If you do want to dip in again there are two on the forum currently who have expressed a preparedness to be devoid of an orange pout in the garage.
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