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Discussion in 'Was it you?' started by brant_richard, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    You know how people say that you don't see a particular type of car until you buy one and then you see loads? We'll, I picked up T25 last night, having not seen a BRM on the road since June last year and then I see one this morning, as I'm driving mine off the petrol station.

    Nicely enthusiastic he was too!
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Does not sound familiar...... ?
  3. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    I can't see the number on the build list .
  4. shanusascarabus

    shanusascarabus Dr Doom!!!

    It may have been daz c, he commented on the other thread :)
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  5. Roverlike

    Roverlike Garvin in Disguise Moderator

    That should be daz c, see here: http://www.thebrm.co.uk/index.php?threads/shanes-car-t25-brm.5541/page-23#post-117846

    Regarding the feeling, I know exactly what you are talking about. Had the same feeling when I bought my first Rover.

    But that must be a Rover thing you know ... Point I want to say that I never, ever found so much friendly and enthusiastic people except the ones who are owning Rovers, so it must be Rover thing. Seems that with buying one you are entering completely new world you were not aware existing until you that first step after which you simply do not want to go back...
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  6. daz c

    daz c Member

    Yes was me lol first time I've seen another
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  7. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    I've got to say that I've never been made to feel so welcome so quickly as I have on here. It seems to be a great community.
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  8. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    It was great to see another, and to see you the day after I collected mine was just great!
  9. Roverlike

    Roverlike Garvin in Disguise Moderator

    That is just the begining ... :)
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  10. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend

    Just don't try to break one, they'll turn on you quickly ;)
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  11. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Yeah much quicker than we made you feel welcome...
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  12. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Wasn't till I went to my first meet I saw another,was Bornunder Duchess for those that remember,the rest is history :)
  13. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    BD ........those were the days - awesome forum post-rate.
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