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    Any interest in this?

    Dear Patrick

    I wondered if the had considered participating at Clarion’s spring show, the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery, held on Friday 22 - Sunday 24 March 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham?

    We are happy to say that a record 28,151 people attended the 2018 show, an increase of over 3,000 attendees compared to last year. Plus, on the Saturday night of the show over 300 guests gathered for the prestigious National Car Club Awards in association with Tourism Ireland.

    PCCC&RS aims to bring together all aspects of classic motoring: from recently discovered barn finds and project cars that have stalled in an owner’s garage, to recently completed restorations and pristine marques with gleaming brightwork and proud as punch owners.

    The ideal club stand includes: a vehicle in need of restoration, one being worked on at the show and one in excellent restored condition, so that visitors behold and interact with the whole restoration process. We encourage all clubs to present some kind of live demonstration on their stand at the show: either using a restoration skill, working on a current project or demonstrating a maintenance or servicing activity.

    Live work is strongly encouraged but it is not necessarily a requirement. If your club would like to attend but feels unable to undertake live work, we ask that you present a restoration themed display: perhaps presenting the restoration ‘story’ of the car/s selected or highlighting your club’s restoration expertise.

    159 clubs participated at the 2018 event. These comments reflect how popular the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery is becoming within the car club community:
  2. garythesnail

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    I'd like to be involved if we decide it's something we want to be involved in and ok with everyone else.

    Problem is that 475 is pretty good but not bloomin excellent and not sure if I could do enough to con a classic crowd in the next 9 months.:hysteria:

    I can start looking in to the cost and logistics of getting NUB or 164 up there (will try to persuade my boss for a little assistance) as both are at the 'desperately in need of restoration' end of the scale and NUB is ideal given that it's rustier than a rusty thing and the head needs to come off anyway.

    I'm in if you want me to be.
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  3. GT-

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    I'm hoping that mine won't qualify for the 'in need' by March, but sounds good!
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  4. rich f

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    I always go along to this show, really good
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  5. Roverlike

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    Interesting ...
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  6. clansman

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  7. Fast Alan

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    Feel free to cur the roof off SDV1 and replace it :)

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  9. Rover Raver

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    Mmm. I wonder if to create some good all-round family inclusion there could be a load of badly faded carpets and boxes of red marker pens lying about for children to use? :D

    Perhaps there could be a demo on how to replace the wheel centre badges, etc?

    I believe quite a few exhibitors on car club stands do undertake some light restoration work at the show which is not deemed too dangerous for them or show visitors.
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  10. Rover Raver

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  11. GT-

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    I could take along a spare carpet :laugh:

    At least there wouldn't be any worries being outside the lines!

    Practical cheap-labour show :D

    I believe a friend's son took along his restored mk1 Metro shell last year and spent the time rollering dynomat throughout the interior :)
  12. BRMFUN

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    I am beginning to like the idea of this show!
  13. Ray Partner

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    Mine is in pretty good shape and the head gasket has not been changed if any one wants to change it there at the moment it's running fine
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  14. BRMFUN

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  15. GT-

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    What's the worst that could happen?! :D
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  16. BRMFUN

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  17. BRMFUN

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    What jobs could we do there????
  18. clansman

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    Mmmm!:hmmm: Let me get a lonnnng list :laugh:
  19. GT-

    GT- Serious Urban Legend Member

    Lol Carpet painting, sunroof repair...

    Alan can work on that dodgy brake again.
  20. peasantslife

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    Tailgate harness and screen wash pipe repairs will take a weekend!
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