Post Abingdon Weekender 2023 - 15th & 16th July 2023

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    Copy and Pasted the below from their website.

    Following on from the great success of the Post Abingdon MG40 celebrations at Toddington in 2022, the joint modern registers of the MG Car Club are bringing the show back under a new banner 'The post Abingdon Weekender' - this event will form part of the MG100 celebrations.

    This year we will be hosting our event at the Great Central Railway, Quorn and Woodhouse Railway Station, Woodhouse Rd, Quorn LE12 8AG

    The Great Central Railway

    The present day Great Central Railway is a unique heritage railway located in the university town of Loughborough in the East Midlands of England between the cities of Leicester and Nottingham.

    It is on the route of the old Great Central Railway that linked the cities of Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester with London at its terminus station at Marylebone.

    The preserved railway is predominantly steam operated and has a double track section which allows passengers to experience the thrill of trains passing at speed. In this respect it is unique in the preservation world.

    But the GCR is more than just a tourist line. Its double track allows for commercial testing of railway vehicles at speeds of up to 75 mph for diesel hauled trains and 60 mph for steam hauled trains.

    Check out this link to The Great Central Railway

    Again for 2023, entry is a charity donation of your choosing and is on a per car, per day basis. There is a campsite just over the road from the station for those wishing to camp and we are currently speaking with the railway regarding keeping the bar on site open in the evening specially for our visitors!

    Tickets must be 'purchased' for each day that you are planning to attend.

    You can keep fully up to date with everything post Abingdon weekender on:

    Instagram @mgccpaw

    Discount fares will be available on the trains with presentation of your Eventbrite ticket at the ticket office - so remember to print off your ticket(s).

    We will be expanding our show this year to include our modern Rover cousins and will be celebrating the following; 40 years of the Maestro, 20 Years of the MG ZT 260 / Rover 75 V8, 20 years of the MG SV/R, 20 years of the Rover Streetwise & 10 years of the MG3

    We look forward to welcoming you!
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    Good lord, the MGCC used to make my BRM park outside with the BMW's!

    ...while allowing Rover 25s and Commerce' to park with the Zeds.

    They also took a very wide birth when it came to my MG3 issues, despite loving the same car being used to promote the CC and SAIC when it suited :coffee:

    It did result in a free track day around Brands for a Safety Fast article, so I guess it wasn't all bad.
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    Oh boy, looks like there is some history here….:desert:
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Pour a drink and relax, there is more….. you could be here a while :laugh:
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    I’ve got a fully stocked home bar, I’m ready! :fishing:
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    Let's just say I fell out with SAIC.

    Something to do with £14k of repairs needed over 6 years on a brand new car worth £10k new.

    I also found out they're not registered with the motoring Ombudsman, or for product recalls :drunk:


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