Polyflex bushes

Discussion in 'Discounted Products' started by Rockey5uk2001, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    I know someone in the trade who can get them at a cheaper rate,

    Trying to get confirmation details would anyone be interested?
  2. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Yeah I would :)
  3. shanusascarabus

    shanusascarabus Dr Doom!!!

    I might be interested too although I already have front arb poly bushes :)
  4. JasonM

    JasonM What's in my box

    There's a couple I still require :)
  5. rich f

    rich f Active Member

    yes, i would be interested, maybe a full set if the prices are right
  6. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    Others that make up the front end are;

    Brake reaction bars (tie rods)
    Lower arms
    ARB drop links

    Keep in mind that the powerflex rear beam bushes are a very tight squeeze due to BRM specific shims on the rear beam support brackets.

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    I have some, bought them of sheep I think??? They are going on 453 just no time Ahh...
  8. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    You have lower arm ones. :) Standard fitment on Mk1 ZRs.
  9. stuballs

    stuballs Active Member


    ZR/200/25 on left. BRM on right. Note the square piece welded in.

    As difficult as it was to get the beam in with ZR brackets, I wouldn't like to think how tricky it would be with that spacer there on the BRM brackets...
  10. mafcaw

    mafcaw Member

    I would be interested depending on cost & fund availability
  11. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    I would certainly be interested in ARB and drop link bushes.

    Link to bushes being discussed. :)
    There's also some interesting technical articles on the Powerflex website :thumbsup:

    Shall we start a list :)

    1) Rocky5uk2001, (?)
    2) FastAlan, (Full set)
    3) Shanusascarabus, (Full set minus ARB brackets)
    4) JasonM, (?)
    5) rich f, (Full set)
    6) WonderSheep, (Just ARB bracket and drop links)
    7) mafcaw, (Full set)
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  12. t0m4ever

    t0m4ever Guest

    I could definitely be convinced if the price is cheaper than the online ones.

    Probably just looking at ARB and tie bar bushes.
  13. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    My mums partner got this company into buying them, he has trade contacts from the supplier.

    When i wanted a splitter valve for my old golf it cost me next to nothing, this is a little different as its a group by im hoping it will be nearly trade prices should know by the end of the week
  14. robinp4

    robinp4 Guest

    I would be interested in a full set for 454 if price is right, and preferably in the powerflex black race stiffness ones if that works out as possible.
  15. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Would it be safe to say the rear beam doesn't really need to be done as its tightened up anyway
  16. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    The poly bushes take more lateral movement out of the rear end. I guess it depends how you want the back end to behave.

    I would think stiffer is more prone to snapping when cornering?... must investigate. :yes:
  17. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    Did you get anywhere with these Mr Balboa?
  18. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    Possibly chased up mate now
  19. paul

    paul Member

    I'd bee intrested in a set if the price is right.

    1) Rocky5uk2001, (?)
    2) FastAlan, (Full set)
    3) Shanusascarabus, (Full set minus ARB brackets)
    4) JasonM, (?)
    5) rich f, (Full set)
    6) WonderSheep, (Just ARB bracket and drop links)
    7) mafcaw, (Full set)
    8) Paul. (Full Set)
  20. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    A little update on this.

    The company that i was getting these from is E-spares based in cheltham

    However it would appear he has sadley since gone out of business - website gone no longer answering his mobile - sorry gents!

    I did try and contact Powerflex directly and they claim they don't do bulk buy's for forums :(

    Sorry again guys

    I myself am deeply gutted!

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