On this day in 1963 - Memories of the BRM

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    Saw this on a local facebook group for Bourne, thought it was quite interesting given it was 55 years ago to this day


    Fifty-five years ago this month, Bourne honoured the BRM company with a civic reception to mark their achievement in international motor racing.

    The now famous BRM pioneered by local man Raymond Mays and his team had in 1962 become the first all-British racing car to win the world championship with leading driver Graham Hill at the wheel and Bourne Urban District Council which then ran our affairs, arranged the reception on the evening of Wednesday 13th March 1963 as a fitting tribute, a major event for the town with many prominent guests at the Corn Exchange.

    There were speeches and presentations, notably the magnificent silver world championship trophy which was handed to Graham Hill by Sir Alfred Owen, head of the Rubery Owen Group which had taken over the BRM company in 1952.

    The BRM had been demonstrated to the motoring world in December 1949 when the car was hailed as a world beater and by 1965 the company had 100 employees in Bourne. There were many successes but advancement was dogged by mechanical failures and in 1951 (Pretty sure this is a typo), the BRM collection of racing cars was sold and the workshops are now used as an auction salesroom.

    Graham Hill, who was awarded the OBE, was killed at the age of 46 when his plane crashed in Hertfordshire in 1975 but his name lives on in Graham Hill Way, a light industrial estate off Cherryholt Road. Raymond Mays was honoured with a CBE shortly before his death in 1980 at the age of 80 but his achievements are remembered by the motor racing memorial in South Street, a plaque outside his lifelong home at Eastgate House, the southern perimeter road Raymond Mays Way and a magnificent display of silver motoring racing trophies and other memorabilia at the town’s Heritage Centre while the name of Bourne has become forever associated with the BRM.

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    I realise that the link between our cars to the F1 team is a very tenuous one at best, but, as a young un when my Dad took me to GPs in the late 50s early 60s (a good old drive from South Wales to Silverstone in our Hillman Minx !) I developed a liking for Graham Hill and BRM. Lucky enough to chat to him too ! BRM , such an evocative name, glad to be a very miniscule part of history by owning a car carrying the famous (badge engineered) badge. Bloody good road and track day car though............Love it !
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    Know all these facts well as I was born in 62 :)
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    Young un !
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    Nooo old git :laugh:
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    Steady on!!!!:laugh:
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