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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by brant_richard, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    Hi all, :wave:

    I've been popping on to this forum as a reader for a few years now as I've toyed over and over again with the long held dream of a BRM, but finally felt ready to join up and introduce myself.

    I've come close to BRM ownership several times, but never quite made it. First off there was the one at a dodgy garage in London that was filthy, with a dead battery and surrounded by sales staff who weren't interested, despite being aware that I'd driven over 120 miles just to view the car. Then there was the one that got away. I needed to replace my 820 Tickford and went to look at one in Atherstone at the former Rover dealer. It was tidy and apart from needing a cambelt change and a little rust on the tailgate seemed good. I decided I'd do this properly for a change and not buy the first one I'd looked at. Besides, he'd had it for over a month with very little interest so I had time to look at a few others. Turns out I didn't. After looking at one in Birmingham which was in such a state that I didn't even knock the owners door I caved and called to leave a deposit, only to find that someone had dropped in on a whim that morning and fell for the car, buying it on the spot! After that there were many others, (including the one in Cardiff that appeared to have what looked like tipex all over the back seat) but none of them were ever either as promised or. in one case, actualy repaired properly after a major undisclosed accident.

    Now I'm back in the market, and hopefully this time I'll actually manage to get one. I may be slightly concerned that I'll no longer fit (I'm somewhat larger than the last time I tried one) but still I'm plowing on with the search, looking for the best I can afford, something important as I don't have time at the moment to work on the car myself (something my garaged Clubman Estate will testify to :whistle:).

    Hopefully I'll be able to get a car sorted and will end up as a valued member of the community! :tumbsup:

    Thanks for letting me join and for taking the time to read my stupidly long post.
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  2. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Welcome Richard (presume it's Richard) ,sounds like a lot of hunting with no return,hope you find one soon,
  3. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    Thanks Alan (or Fast, whichever you prefer). I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. It's been a while since I was into a car club scene.

    And yes, it is Richard.
  4. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover

    Hello and welcome to the green and orange! :hi:. If you're keen, check out Shanusacarabus as he's selling (I think) T15 BRM (Ronald).
  5. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

  6. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    "Croeso" from Westest Wales :w00t:

    Hope you find a good one.......then we'll be demanding photos :rofl:
  7. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend

    Welcome, BRMs welcome careful owners!

    They're reasonably roomy insides, and if all you need is a decent back seat, then they're usually able to come by.

    Seeking perfection will be a challenge for an almost 20yr old car with a penchant for dodgy sunroofs!
  8. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Can't remember if we still have a 10 post rule before you can get into the for sale section,so you may have to get posting :)
  9. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    Maybe one of the admin team will be along to clarify soon..........oh, wait a minute.......:p
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  10. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Welcome and good luck, there are a few around. T25 is a bargain as said.
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  11. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Blame Adam,he keeps fiddling with things :laugh:
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  12. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    I've already messaged him. :grin:

    I'm also trying to get in touch with the seller of the £7k one on ebay. I messaged them through ebay to make an offer on Saturday but haven't had any reply, which doesn't bode well.

    Thanks for all the welcomes folks.
  13. Hamness

    Hamness Hoodie checker Moderator

    Welcome and good luck with the search !
  14. Roverlike

    Roverlike Garvin in Disguise Moderator

    Welcome to the forum Richard!
  15. fadows

    fadows Active Member

    Welcome Richard and good luck in your search :fish:
  16. invulto

    invulto Member

    Hi Richard! Wellcome!

    Good luck to find a good example! But as GT- said, "they" are a 20 years old ladies, so it shall not be easy to find one in perfect conditions, even worst in a island!
    I found mine and I just was worry with the engine: all the rest is to recover with time. Even so, I was lucky, but we are talking about only 1109 samples produced, with several knocked out!
    And every weekend passed without one, is 1 weekend less driving her! :p
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  17. Hamness

    Hamness Hoodie checker Moderator

    V227DJM, on our build list as owned by Welshone but think he sold it last year. Its for sale for £2k on Facebook on „MG Rover Parts for sale swap or free“ page. Car is in Brighton.
  18. Rover Raver

    Rover Raver Super journalist

    There is a recently restored, low mileage one advertised on the carandclassic website, but it has an asking price of £6,995. The seller is a dealer and there will be some form of warranty offered with it. I believe it might be in Northampton.

    Here's the link:
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  19. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover It's a bargain & a keeper..
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  20. brant_richard

    brant_richard Member

    I've taken a look at that one but I think it's still a little too over priced, despite looking very good. I emailed the guy but didn't get a response, so I called him and got the full "Well... I'm waiting for a call back from someone who's very interested" treatment, so I said I'd leave it for now. As that was a week ago and the ad is still up I'm guessing that either weren't that interested, they weren't that real, or the place likes getting their money's worth from advertising!

    Thanks Clansman. I've arranged to go and have a look at T25 next weekend (Shane's been getting a few jobs done) which looks brilliant, but this looks very interesting too.


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