MG and Triumph Spares day

Discussion in 'Events and Motorsport' started by BRMFUN, Dec 30, 2022.

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    I have fond memories of #minigate..... wheelspin!!
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    Great to catch up with old (meant in the nicest possible way) friends and get some headlining fabric from @peasantslife@peasantslife ! A busy show from my a visitors point of view, the lesson learnt is get out of bed early and be on the door step as it opens or have a lie in and go for the afternoon!
    Some nice cars as well, I have gone for more Triumph based pictures this time! 004CCB60-62DF-48DC-A8D7-89851E173D59.jpeg A3A45613-29FA-454A-85F3-E53B041214E6.jpeg B0C23259-B4D6-4A0E-AEA8-275278804F01.jpeg 268E05AB-A898-4B87-9C74-AEEE8E9C931A.jpeg 46283358-464D-46A6-9F82-CAF13D6E4C7E.jpeg 27374715-CFCA-4870-AD0D-B492599CDB98.jpeg B57CC45E-CE3B-4FDA-B43E-E8C25BB22D15.jpeg
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