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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Recently I have seen a hell of a lot of MG 3's round Worcestershire, I know I am rather near the factory but I just wondered are they getting more common everywhere?
  2. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    Ive seen a few and the odd mg6. I see the appeal of the mg3, well priced super mini. Mg6 is less desirable in my opinion.
  3. Red27

    Red27 Pocket Rocket

    Yes, starting to see a few around here as well. There's a dealer about 20 miles from me. Looked onto the 3's recently ad at happens, as a possible replacement for the "normal" car, on due course. Price was a big factor, has to be said. I'd like to see some more feedback on reliability and residual values though a bit further down the line.
  4. welshone

    welshone Finally got my act together!

    See loads in and around Sussex. More MG3 then 6's
  5. Adam

    Adam Chief Lurker Staff Member Member

    Lots of them appearing in Gravesend as we have a dealer here.
  6. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    I went to Toomeys in Essex,who contributed prizes for the South East meet,while I was there I looked at around 10-15 MG3's and have to admit I came away with a bit of a soft spot for a great little hatch,now in the future I want to see POWER and all those little modifications that make the world interesting for them and who knows :)

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Yeah I agree, I sort of like the 6 but the 3 I found very nice, lots of room for a small hatch!
    The engine needs sorting economy wise and then would be a viable option!
    Having said that the father in laws fiesta which is reputed to do 63mpg has barely managed 50!
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  8. Yves

    Yves Member Member

    Fiesta? oh yeah, you're rigth: that's a German car also :)
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  9. Red27

    Red27 Pocket Rocket

    Yes, could be a bit better, but then the price is less than 2/3rds of the Fiesta, and there isn't anywhere near the same league of investment behind it. Taking that into consideration, it's a not bad at all. If you're not a motorway miles muncher, then it's less of a factor. Would be interesting to get an insight into the demographic of the current ownership.

    As for mpg figures, who every really believed those anyway. If people didn't realise they the tests for that were conducted under "lab conditions", then seriously, what planet are they on. The only thing they are any use for is as a comparison against other similarly lab tested cars. This one does less/more mpg than that one. Simple as.
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  10. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    Seen none in bristol
  11. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

  12. Rockey5uk2001

    Rockey5uk2001 Spammer Monkey

    I have to admit, having a brand new MG 6 as a hire car that broke down (just outside Warrington) left a sour taste in my mouth

    it had less than 500 miles on the clock and already had immobilisor issues and a fuel problem. might of been unlucky but will stick to older MG/Rovers for now
  13. WonderSheep

    WonderSheep Well-Known Member

    I saw an MG3 in town this morning. White with the RAF coloured roundel on the roof. The graphics look funky but I'm not sure who they (MG..) are trying to appeal too. Is it 17 to 25 year olds? Because I don't see them buying it. Other manufacturers have also cottoned onto the customisable thing with cars.

    You can even a Corsa now that looks like the VXR version but has a tiny eco engine. Why would any kid want a 5 door MG when they could have that?
  14. t0m4ever

    t0m4ever Guest

    Every MG3 I've seen has been driven by a middle aged lady.

    That's only a sample size of about 3 though.
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  15. Rab Anderson

    Rab Anderson Tent Erector

    Maybe the £2,000 trade-in will help.
  16. Red27

    Red27 Pocket Rocket

    Hmmm... :laugh:
  17. Red27

    Red27 Pocket Rocket

    Double Hmmm... Following Vauxhall's lead?
  18. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Interesting...... For a few weeks now I have been looking to change my ZS for a newer ZR, but tbh all the ZRs I have seen are really rough! MG3 perhaps??

    Edit: sorry must have lost leave of my senses for a moment!! :laugh:
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  19. kparker234

    kparker234 Member

    I bought a 6 brand new, I've now done 10k in it without any problems besides the reverse light switch packing up
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  20. Red27

    Red27 Pocket Rocket

    Like it?

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