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Discussion in 'Events and Motorsport' started by Fast Alan, Aug 29, 2017.


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  3. Fast Alan

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    So two more (meet and event) and that is the end of this years South East events,but meets continue and there's a few meets in other groups that we will be visiting before the years out.

    South East meet @ the Dick Turpin Essex............and rain booooooo,spot the plastic Kia hire car,good job we make umbrellas :) 42423090_1993429977386605_3850673072625418240_o.jpg

    A new member,saw a line up of MG Rovers and came to see what was going on :)


    And those wheels what you think,I kike very different.



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  4. Fast Alan

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    So the Essex county show and a bit of a animal/dog fueled event,local produce and that sort of thing,not bad but not top of the list for next year.
    Two days and just the family Saturday and then a few more Sunday,numbers have declined signalling people having done their years events or we scared then away :)
    Late arrival Mr Wheels :)
    And off we go,without using the car for anything but meets and events 5000 miles covered on this years escapades so far.
    Thanks to everyone who joined me this year x
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  5. Fast Alan

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    Local meet a couple weeks ago with a Halloween theme :)

    44913683_2039324716130464_5522842044415868928_o.jpg 44942811_2039325826130353_6032094504226390016_o.jpg 45068938_2039326149463654_8452629138996461568_o.jpg 44838465_2039325092797093_1712794453262991360_o.jpg
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    Not to far away in Maldon Essex,the museum of power coffee and cars meet for all makes,saw everything from American muscle,Japs,Brits and German etc.
    44916334_2161532760565322_7117374414269710336_o.jpg 44936470_2161533060565292_2521980744394342400_o.jpg

    Just for Mr Fun :)
    44944722_2161534237231841_6825204251732475904_o.jpg 44984893_2039339062795696_6431715428430512128_n.jpg 44988837_2039339469462322_6815446897784782848_o.jpg 45099215_2161535713898360_4125254446437367808_o.jpg
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    Mmm, big turbo....

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    SOME nice pics ;)
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