Genuine MG-Rover Service kits

Discussion in 'Discounted Products' started by Adam, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Adam

    Adam Chief Lurker Staff Member Member

    I finally have something to put in here for all you lovely BRM people.

    I can now supply genuine MG-Rover basic service kits consisting of the following:

    4 spark plugs
    Oil filter
    Air filter
    Sump plug washer

    This kit will cost you the bargain price of £35 + postage

    Or if you would like the fuel filter too then I can include that for £45 + postage.

    All the parts (except oil) you need to do a basic service on your BRM at a fraction of the price that a garage would charge.

    If your interested please PM me.


  2. BRMark

    BRMark El Gringo Moderator

    Holy thread revival!!

    Do you still have/get these Adam!?
  3. Adam

    Adam Chief Lurker Staff Member Member

    Wow, this is a boot from the past!

    I'll have to have a word with our suppliers for you, leave it with me :yes:
  4. Taphouse

    Taphouse Member

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