Duxford spring show 2018

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    Attended by myself and Linda before this is a great event,it's not free and you pay via the internet this year instead of the gate (details when received) ,you get a great day with lots of cars,all the museums and facilities at Duxford Aerodrome.

    You will be merging with my South East group for this event.
    Date May 6th
    Times TBA
    Place : IWM Duxford
    CB22 4QR

    How to book tickets this year : go to https://www.maximweb.net/imperialwarmuseums/day/ ; this should have highlighted Sunday 6th,press next and enter promo code SCS18 - book appropriate tickets.
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    I am a possible, depends on exams at uni!
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    There is now a link and promo code in the OP,each car is £13,additional passengers need to be paid for,if you are taking more than one car,you will have to do each separately,after you have completed the form,you will get a e mail and will need to print out your pass/passes (may go to junk folder) and have them displayed in your windscreen upon entry and throughout the day,hope to see a few BRuMs.
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    So it's nearly upon us,with online tickets available till Friday midday,weather will be around 23 and sunny,four BRM's so far Bonnie,Stuballs,Ray Partner and myself and the location of our stand is in,we got our usual spot so very happy.

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    Remember Duxford tickets are still available online till Friday midday,those coming you can go straight there from 8am or some of us will stop at Whittlesford Service Station, Pampisford CB22 3HD (BP M&S,ATM,McDonalds) with a leave time of 8:30am ,remember you need your tickets and car passes and should of had two downloads/prints with your purchase.

  6. Fast Alan

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    BRM's at Duxford,Stuballs,Bonnie and I

    31949352_1785500674846204_7079278402246541312_o.jpg 31950072_1785499678179637_1113989511559249920_o.jpg 31950382_1785499368179668_5582787044700061696_o.jpg 31956294_575539469491883_5810008776211693568_n.jpg 31956689_1785501331512805_7383570994012618752_o.jpg 31957800_575539576158539_3460600071173701632_n.jpg 31958551_1785501998179405_6377825975551393792_o.jpg 31959750_1785499801512958_6030499696970039296_o.jpg
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    Great shots Al, but not a single Cosmos amongst them.........................
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    Funny enough Stuart wanted to compare his wheels against Cosmos,no chance there :laugh:
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