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  1. Ive been speaking with a member on the MG Rover facebook site, he suggested i join here. I do redye sets (prep, colourant/dye and top coat sealer) for Rovers and MG's. He said several of you were looking for BRM dye. I can do this no problem however, i need a colour sample to match ie ideally a headrest (i can computer match to the underside which would be clean, unworn and unfaded).

    Is there anyone in the Newcastle area that would be willing to let me have a headrest for a couple of hours so I can match it. In return I'd give you a full kit and instructions free of cost.
  2. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    *watches as floodgates open and 34 offers of headrests come in*

    I presume you provide kits for leather colouring?

    I have a piece of diamond stitched seat cover which I replaced a number of years ago and probably the matching red pvc from the back of the chair too.

    Would this be of any use to you?
  3. Yes leather repair/re-colouring. You can see my little kits on bay if you search for "shearersshorts". Normally I do them for club members at £17.50 + 2.95 postage (eBay because of fees - £20 + postage).
  4. I assume it would be ok as long as it's reasonably clean. Don't want to match dirty red with dirt if you know what I mean.
  5. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    How much material do you need?

    Have a look at the photo below. Roll of insulating tape is there to give idea of scale on a clean headrest from one of my BRMs (50k miles ish) and draped over it on the left is the discarded seat cover with the quilted bit removed (now residing on the saddle of a BRM themed push-bike) where you can see the 'worn in' element and the clean strip now visible which would have been hidden behind the stitched joint for years.

  6. I don't need much. 2" x 2" but needs to be a clean and close match to new.
  7. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Saw your kits as on the 75 FB pages,look good,welcome along.
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  8. garythesnail - a little bit of that (or the entire piece) I think would be ok. I think they could match to the edge which is obviously the true colour.
  9. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Will be good to have a kit like this,so thanks for the effort,I recently removed some dirt from the handbrake cover,but must have gone in a bit hard,it's like a black underneath and I have no Idea what might re dye it,so anythings worth a try.
  10. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    The unpicking begins.........hope I get to keep my fingers! Seems the PO is open all day

    Don't know if you're watching, Bob, but I'm trying to separate the bit of the seat cover that sits behind the right shoulder of the driver down to his lower back - there's a big bit of unworn leather there that hasn't seen the sun since it was in field eating grass.

  11. I've received the sample from Gary. It has one very good section that they can match. I have NO idea how many of you would want dye and how much of it. Generally on the 75/ZT club we only do the steering wheels so 50ml is more than sufficient. Your cars have a load more red leather therefore 50ml may not be enough???
  12. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    I think most would probably want to do front seats,steering wheel and handbrake,the rest doesn't usually get worn,so whatever you think that adds up to,then I have 5 BRM's :rofl2:
  13. I think two sizes then 50ml for steering wheel and handbrake/gear shift gaitors and 125ml if you want to do seats. Let me send a sample to Gary first to see what he thinks then go from there.
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  14. GT-

    GT- Serious Urban Legend Member

    I'd possibly add the passenger front seat and the console rejuvenation.

    @Robert Thomson , would this kit be able to adjust the shade of other non-faded red leather to the BRM shade?
  15. Alan not really a case of "adjusting". It would be matched to brand new, unfaded, unworn, clean, basically out the factory colour. It's impossible to match worn bleached clolour. Everyone is different and expectations are also different. All I can say is it's mint leather colour matched. You have a 15yr old car, it won't match. If you want out the showroom colour, it will.
  16. GT-

    GT- Serious Urban Legend Member

    For me, it's the slightly different shade of red on my 3rd party sourced console storage (Rover coupe console, recovered red) that is ever so slightly brighter which would be nice to bring into shade with the rest.

    Of course, rejuvenating the original leather will likely brighten it a bit anyway and solve part of the issue! :)
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  17. We now have the dye. I'm going to treat a little bit on the sample Gary sent me to see what it's like compared to the brand new, clean and unbleached section. I'll post pics later.
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  18. BRMFUN

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  19. I've done a part of Gary's leather section sent to me. I've tried to take a pic and turn it into URL to post on here, but internet is not playing ball.

    Got to say, even I'm impressed. Perfect colour match and covers the cracks brilliantly.
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