what have you done to your BRM this weekend?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clansman, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    This weekend I have mainly been driving too and from Birmingham..............but apart from that,the caliper was changed on Bons,then I decided not to cut the grass,pile lots of cars bits up in a old baby seat,so we could look like Steptoe & son,this now includes a electric window motor as Bon's was kapoot and just made the sound of clicking,I then for some reason after washing S15,decided to fix/replace the broken phono wire in the back of the under seat subwoofer that came with S15 (why it was in the boot I don't know) ,as half of it was still stuck in said Subwoofer a epic battle commenced,before I wired it wrong and started another epic battle with crimps,cutty things and swearing,then hooray it now goes boom boom boom and is for sale later this year,because I don't actually want it,but I have plans for the boot so epic if you find out I will have to kill you :) now where's my Bourbon :drunk: 30856987_10216355501382921_4423085728302806093_o.jpg 29983318_10216355481782431_981055421879006648_o.jpg
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  2. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    I think you may have drunk it all already:blink:
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  3. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Well back to Bon's today as the brakes still were not quite right after the caliper change,I drove it to the post office on Thursday and noticed a rubbing noise when braking,so off with the wheel and caliper again,a spin of the disc and probably the overheating as the disc was warped,so new discs and pads needed,meantime a bit more time for cleaning S15 today as it's meet day tommo :)
  4. TEL555

    TEL555 Active Member

    I shall bring my anti glare protection with me, Al :)
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