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    Not sure the AA thing will catch on, but electric seems to be the future.


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    No can't see it...... something else will come along! That's my thoughts, I don't like electric it's not environmentaly friendly and it's bloody expensive! I could be wrong though :laugh:
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    It is an interesting debate, the key issues I think for electric cars (environmentally speaking) are the mining of Lithium and the current sources of fuel to generate electricity.

    I think over time, we will move away from Lithium, progress will ensure that.

    Likewise, with the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity in the first place, we as a planet do have many more faaaaaaaaaaar cleaner ways to generate electricity, but we seem to choose not too. I hope this too will be addressed with time?
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    Anyone care to do the same with a BRM?
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    should be feasable, I remember a Maserati Biturbo on WD

    Clansman could try it as it would solve the engineproblems he "currently" has with 002 :innocent:
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    special post for ... ;)

    and Roverduck also :)
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    I don’t see Hybrids as the future, due mainly to them also being shelved in 2040. I am still unsure about electric as well, they need to dramatically improve and we also need to build several Nuclear power stations to power all the cars. It won’t actually effect me but I can’t see things happening that fast.
    Large boats and planes still continue to add 100 of times the polution cars do and yet nothing is being done about them!
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