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Discussion in 'Rover Discussion' started by garythesnail, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    Nice work,glad it's all running ok :)
  2. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    I'm not sure I have the cojones to rely on Busty as the daily driver..........need to sleep on that one and think about it for a bit.

    It would keep mileage down on the Subaru by 10 - 12k a year, and the ZS is a nice drive (especially now I've chucked out MGR's clutch hydraulics. Lasted 110k miles ok but feels rubbish to use) with a lovely smooth V6. It sounds bloody great too (not that the WRX is too shabby in the acoustic department either)

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  3. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    My experience with MG's and Rovers leads me to think they're far more likely to be suicidal rather than homicidal:eek:
  4. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    Been rearranging the pecking (parking) order and couldn't pass up the photo opportunity.

    2017-06-01 19.30.39.jpg

    While she is hiding at the back of the photo, Busty is now taxed and insured. Taken her for a bit of a test run today and 80 miles completed without drama, but coming from regular use of the STi has highlighted some quirks in both cars.

    Full janspeed on a V6 sounds great (albeit a bit anti-social)

    The cabin's a bit noisy......but I can hear the engine:) - STi is too quiet from the driver's seat.

    Where's the whoosh gone? No boost takes a bit of getting used to.

    Pootling about at 30mph in 4th (or even 5th on a flat level stretch of road) is a surprisingly nice feature.

    Instant throttle response is good. STi is slower to react but does give a lot 'more' when it appears.

    Engine braking is a bit of a novelty - STi doesn't offer the same retardation.

    I've got to stop changing straight from 4th to 6th gear..............6th in the Subaru is where reverse is on the MG:eek:

    I can't have put much weight on since 2005......the driver's seat that's been moulded by my backside is still comfy. The Recaros in the STi are bloomin good though.

    Body control is better in the MG (and the ride is more comfortable because of it). ZS is a little softer and better for it, but has no more body roll than the STi.

    Less rattles and shakes in the Subaru (no surprises there given it's 7 years and 80k miles younger)

    ZS feels lighter overall but still manages to feel noticably heavier at the nose.

    I'm having to get used to wheelspin. 4WD doesn't suffer this at all unless I'm really trying.

    ZS has crappy tyres..........but I'm far too tight to buy replacements until these are worn out (which may take a while - pretty sure it's a hard compound given the way it tries to scrabble about under load, but may be down to wet roads today)

    STi's Brembo brakes are great, if overassisted. ZS's cheaper single piston setup is still very effective. (The AP brakes on the TF are the best of any of the car's we've had - stopping power and pedal feel are brilliant). I expect the ZS's will get better with more use as the surface rust wears off.

    Subaru isn't exactly finger-on-the-pulse when it comes to 'infotainment' and the ZS is worse .......and I'm perfectly happy without bluetooth this and remote that...although I keep trying to turn the volume down on the steering wheel controls that I don't have in the MG:rolleyes:

    Do I feel that I'm driving a dated, inferior car when in the ZS? Yes, but not masssively so. Take in account the age gap, the dated (but fundamentally good) nature of the MG's underpinnigs and very low inflation between 2005 and 2012 coupled to the fact the ZS cost £14452 in 05 (some £4.5k down on list price and would have been about £1000 less again had I not specified full leather and the ironing board spoiler) and the STi £32k in 2012 and it shows just how much of a bargain the ZS was when new.

    And without a doubt - six cylinders are better than four:alien:, I just hope it proves to be good honest (and reliable) transport for at least two years and I'll be happy.
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Great pic, wrong order though!!! :laugh:
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  6. Hamness

    Hamness Hoodie checker Moderator

    If you can't get the convertible of Jerry for the young un, try this one................
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  7. bennyboy7777

    bennyboy7777 Well-Known Member

    My tf has the ap racing brakes and i agree with you 100%, they are superb.

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Oh yeah..... :)
  9. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    I'm not sure this is the right kind of handsfree kit for the ZS.:eek:

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  10. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member

    I hear cable steering is all the rage.
  11. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    The new-to-me steering wheel (from a TF) is a tad smaller and has the little bumps at ten-to-two. Much better condition than the old one and slightly fatter in the hands

    Tip for anyone doing the swap - pay attention to the wiring as the ZS / 400/ 200 wheel has the earth going back via a clip connection to the steering wheel and the TF wheel earthed via a multiplug.......which explains why the horn didnt't work first time around:confused:

    At £11 for the wheel and airbag including postage and another £15ish (can't remember exactly) for the rotary coupler I think it's a good little modification......although I don't have self cancelling indicators anymore:rolleyes:


    2017-09-04 13.49.13.jpg


    2017-09-04 13.48.47.jpg

    Happy boy:grin:
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  12. GT-

    GT- Well-Known Member

    £11 well spent!

    I must admit, my own horn has stopped having removed and refitted the steering wheel for the roof repair, I should try and check that earth. I also think my rotary coupler is out as well.

    Strangely enough, my first observation when looking at the pics was the lack of perforated leather along the top/bottom of the wheel. I then re-read to see it was from a TF and then I noticed the obvious changes, such as the badge, the thumb stops etc :D
  13. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    Reality kicked in this morning.....

    Traffic lights
    17 plate Audi TDI & old Rover
    Audi boots it on green
    It would have been rude not to;-)
    Audi pulls cleanly away
    Old Rover keeps up......justabout

    Now here's the surprise. With a clear dual carriageway, the old rover starts catching up at higher speeds before I take my foot off as, predictably, the Audi then cruises away. Having searched for the specifications on these things (and I'm honestly not sure if it was an A4 or A6) to find that the 2.0 tdi have 190hp and 300lb.ft of torque, would have expected the diseasel to pull away as the speed builds. (I don't think I'd have seen which way it went if it was a 3.0!). I'm reasonably sure it was an auto as there was no 'lurching' for a gearchange.

    Now I'm not a huge fan of Audis.......or VAG generally .....or diesels (I know - grumpy old sod aren't I?)......but have to acknowledge how impressive the results are on the road.

    And before anyone makes any comment on 'Audi drivers', I got a flash of the hazard lamps to acknowledge a bit of fun on a quiet road.

    I get 29mpg, Audi probably gets 50mpg when being booted all day long too.

    On the plus side, Audi sounded rubbish while the old Rover sounds fanbloodytastic. You can keep your Alfa V6.......(noy really - that's another itch I'm going to have to scratch).

    Good way to start the day:yes:
  14. GT-

    GT- Well-Known Member

    Living up to the name 'snail' I see...
  15. Ray Partner

    Ray Partner Active Member

    I have a Skoda fabia great with a revo remap 180 BHP and 300 pounds torque if driving steady 60 mpg but the rover BRM is more fun you have to change gear alot more.
  16. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    I have always liked you :D
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  17. Yves

    Yves Well-Known Member

    He is just a fan :)
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  18. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

  19. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    Stop winding him up.... but....

    Not particularly, but understand why they are so popular at so many levels through the group's brand hierarchy. We had a mk1 TT 3.2 quattro for a couple of years (and sold it at what was probably the low point of values:(). It was a very good, practical 2+2 coupe but not really a sports car. Plenty quick but too nose-heavy. Great 'sense of occasion' due to what will eventually be considered timeless classic looks and the VAG VR6 engine goes well and sounds fantastic. The Seat Exeo estate I ran for a year (yep - the bloke who currently has three cars in his ownership for over 6 years) was a perfectly functional appliance, but largely devoid of character (or do I just mean 'reliable' :))

    Could I be tempted by a Skoda VRS or Passat CC or Superb estate if funds were available? Possibly, but would probably sink a smaller sum into another ZS180 or 200 coupe or the unicorn that is a good condition low mileage R8 420 gsi turbo.

    I really have got a problem with 90s Rovers and 2000s MGs haven't I? Actually, apart from generally liking technology and gadgets (am actually considering a Samsung Note 8 at the moment......but I've bought cars with tax an MOT for less in the past), I keep thinking that modern cars don't really appeal to me.......and then I have a go at my wife's Jaguar XF and all is good - at least until I start thinking of the cost of repairs for the various control modules, engine components and such. Goodness knows what replacing an 8 speed ZF gearbox would cost. Thinking about it, a lot of modern stuff could be written off if it suffered a dented panel and a couple of airbags went off.

    Grumble over :D
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  20. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    I agree, it's very interesting that VAG cars are popular especially after them fiddling the emissions, which could put peoples health at risk. I would not touch one but then I would not touch any modern car, as you say they are reliable but totally void of any character!
    They also feel like after 10 years they will just fall apart and the materials used are the cheapest possible but the manufacturer (whoever it is) charges the highest possible price!
    For reliability I have a new motorbike but that has a massive grin factor and all bikes now feel they are quality products. Having said that, getting behind the wheel of a BRM brings a massive smile to my face and a kind of smug feeling that I know better than others and they don't get it :D

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